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1a C~shack (Groundfloor residence)x 1b C~shack - front gate 1c C~Shack - Front Patio to Dining-living 1d C~shack - Front Patio Landscape 1e C~shack - Front patio night
1f  C~shack - Front Patio 1g  C~shack -  back Patio & BBQ area 2a C~shack - Dining to Kitchen 2b C~shack -  Coke Bar Fridge 2c C~shack - Coke Surfboard sculpture @ night
2d C~shack -  Living to Patio 2e C~shack -  Living room 2f  C~shack -  Coke Living Room @  Night 2g C~shack -  night gallery style 2h C~shack - Kitchen Afternoon light
2i C~shack - Rumpus Room 2j C~shack - Rumpus Room to Patio 2k C~shack - Master bedroom 2l C~shack - Master bedroom portrait view 2m C~shack - Bunk room entrance
2n C~shack - Bunk room 2o C~shack - Bathroom 2p C~shack - Coke Buddy Bottle Shower 3a C~shack art IMG_8266 3b C~shack art IMG_8267
3c C~shack artIMG_8652 3d C~shack art IMG_8272 3e C~shack art IMG_8278 3f C~shack art IMG_8279 3g C~shack art IMG_8281
3h C~shack art IMG_8283 3i C~shack art IMG_8296 3k C~shack art IMG_8305 3l C~shack art IMG_8307 3m C~shack art IMG_8309
3n C~shack art IMG_8310 3o C~shack art IMG_8311 3p C~shack art IMG_8312 3r C~shack art IMG_8320  

Dolphin Holiday Accommodation
2 Meegera Place, Point Lookout
North Stradbroke Island, QLD, 4183, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)7 3409-8455
Fax:     +61 (0)7 3409-8606
Email:  dolphin@straddie.info

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